Aside from just the numbers, I really like the faculty at UChi,
Aside from just the numbers, I really like the faculty at UChi,

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Canada Goose sale I really, really don’t want to do Big Law, but I’m meeting with some financial and career advisors at Chicago in a few weeks to see what my options are, especially since I want to do litigation and one of the best ways to get experience with that is BL.Chicago, obviously, opens up a ton of doors. So does UVA, and I would have half the debt, but I think Chicago’s clerkship numbers, student to faculty ratio, and LRAP program still make it a top contender. Again, I’m meeting with someone to discuss the ins and outs of the program and make sure that I’m not making a completely awful decision, but from what I can tell the UChi LRAP is incredibly generous, especially for my career path, and if I do everything right I could potentially have 100% of my canada goose jacket uk mens loans forgiven/paid back, which is a huge benefit.Aside from just the numbers, I really like the faculty at UChi, especially the legal theory professors. Canada Goose sale

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