Black Eagle (Ictinaetus malaynesis)
Black Eagle (Ictinaetus malaynesis)

Black Eagle_ In Flight


A large sized eagle which is seen commonly in the forested locations. Its unique features include its all typical silhouette which is unlike any other eagle i.e its longish tail, all black color and the wing structure which is more paddle shaped and different from any other raptor.To add  its habit to glide extremely slow makes this a very interesting raptor.


Seen in pairs or individuals or at times even in a group of 3 & 4 as well,,gliding over the canopy of forests scanning the trees below.

Its habit to glide extremely slow gives us an impressions that it has stalled mid air and might just drop of from the sky.


Sightings include one individual at Ponmudi (TRV) in Dec ’12, a group of 4 at Silent Valley NP (Palghat) another pair at Peechi WLS in N.Kerala, a couple of sightings at Wayanad  and observed a pair at Munnar as well.

All my sightings have been in Kerala


Forested areas

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Commonly seen in forested areas

Black Eagle_ Airbourne