Bonelli’s Eagle (Aquila Fasciata)
Bonelli’s Eagle (Aquila Fasciata)

Bonelli_ EyesGeneral

A medium sized hawk eagle with a ferocious appearance clearly defining its superiority and power.When perched appears to be robust strong and sport a regal look which will grab the attention of any birder. Its powerful legs, large talons and  agile body is instantly recognizable


Appears to have adapted well to different habitats i.e seen predominantly in highways, forests & in the vicinity of lakes.

Does stay perched for a while before gliding on flat wings. Appears to be a very active hunter and other birds are very alert upon spotting this. While gliding it seen to appear and disappear rather quickly & accelerating at rapidly (perhaps upon spotting a prey).

Seen in pairs or individuals. More in pairs.

Bonelli _ Best


Predominantly in the outskirts of cities. Most of my observations have been while driving from KA to KL. Also seen in forested locations like Satyamangalam Forest  (TN).

Seen in Devarayanadurga ( BLR), Krishnagiri (TN), Salem(TN). Managed to see a few individuals near Jaipur(RJ) harassed by a large number of crows


Well distributed in different locations in India from S.India upto N.India in rajasthan.

Notable Observations


Frequency of Sightings

Uncommon, but since it is a resident the possibility of sighting this magnificent eagle is high right throughout the year

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