CNN and MSNBC report what best for the political establishment

Canada Goose sale We can hope for a cordyceps like fungus to infect humans though. I was watching Our Planet and Attenborough said it infects any species that becomes too numerous. Hell, maybe it already has and that why we collectively committing suicide. CNN and MSNBC report what best for the political establishment and profits. Fox isn even legally a news network. Fox “reports” what wanted by their classist, white supremacist backers like the Kochs and Mercer, who also bankrolled and influenced much of the Trump campaign and presidency. Canada Goose sale

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uk canada goose outlet Not to mention that the cronies in government on average have quintuple the median net worth of a Russian family, and an average voter has almost no voice in the government compared to the rich. Not only that, but also, 40% of Russian families are one paycheck or emergency away from absolute, crushing poverty. Most of them are barely hanging on for their lives uk canada goose outlet.