Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo)
Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo)

ιCommon Buzzard

@Velavadar, Gujarat


@Akkulam, Thiruvananthapuram

My Observations



A compact, Brahminy Kite sized raptor seen during migratory season between Nov – Mar.


Highly variable in plumage and can be very very confusing between various morphs and sub species as well in addition to  When perched appears a surely smaller than Aquila eagles, both in terms of height and shape. Facial appearance is not as ferocious as any of the eagles.

The in flight buzzard I saw at Akkulam had  streaking  along the body-from front to back and weak edge of back of wing , short broad wings and very clear U in chest. It was a good indicator of a typical Juvenile which was my first Buzzard sighting ever and it was at Akkulam in  Nov 2012. This was confirmed as a Steppe Buzzard ( B.B Vulpinis)

But the one I saw at Velavadar ,Gujarat looked a a little different which was of Japonicus sub species.



At Akkulam, Ive seen them accelerating at good speed and also exhibits  fast dives upon spotting a prey. A behavior reminiscent to Eagles

Locations Seen

Regular during winter at Akkulam, Trivandrum. This has been confirmed as Steppe Buzzard ( BB Vulpinis) and also did manage to see one individual at Velavadar, Gujarat in Nov 2014 and one at Bikaner in 2016 jan.



Notable Observations


Frequency of Sightings

Uncommon,but possible in certain specific locations  during wintering season.