Crested Hawk-Eagle (Nisaetus Cirrhatus)
Crested Hawk-Eagle (Nisaetus Cirrhatus)

Adult @ Ragihalli, jan '16CHE _ MunnarCHE _ NagarholeC HE


My Observations


Slim,slender  medium sized eagle similar to the size of a Black Kite when perched. has an obvious crest on the head and hence the name is self explanatory.  In flight, wings are much longer and broader than Kites and held flat in flight.

Appears to be camouflaged and hidden right in between the trees of a thick dense forest. Has a tendency to be perched for a long duration and subsequently jump from one tree to the other.


Not a very shy raptor and appeared absolutely fine when we approached him from a distance as close as 5-10 metres from our car.

Not too easy to spot a gliding eagle. Ironically I’ve been privileged to see more gliding eagles than perched ones!!!

While gliding an adult could be mistaken for a OHB,due to its underwing  color pattern,but the wing structure and the tail bands appear to be different from OHB and this helps in distinguishing the two.

A juvenile appears to be pale overall & lacking  a crest.


Seen perched at Nagarhole where this is common and was lucky to see an adult at ragihalli (BLR) gliding.But the most notable one was the juvenile at Munnar ( KL) being harassed by a Shikra which resulted in the Juvenile giving up and disappearing quickly.

Notable Observations

Nov ’13, An individual was suddenly spotted gliding right next to our car before perching to a nearby tree and then was perched for a while before flying of to the opposite side of the road

Frequency of Sightings

Uncommon at Forested locations