Eastern Imperial Eagle (Aquila Heliaca)

My Observations

eastern Imperial Eagle


A slim,  majestic, big Aquila Eagle usually seen in the Northern parts of India during migratory season. Seen in company of other Aquila Eagles especially Steppe eagles.


Appears taller than a Steppe when perched but is a rather slim, slender eagle giving an appearance that this eagle is much smaller in size than Steppe or Tawny. But in flight is certainly a lot bigger than Tawny or Steppe


Seen in ones and twos along with Steppe Eagles, which I learnt is  common.

Locations Seen

Saw one juvenile perched at Bikaner carcass dump along with Steppe and another adult in flight at Tal Chappar. Both spotted in January 2016.


Predominantly North India

Notable Observation & Frequency of Sightings