His inability to afford retirement “sounds like America at the

Canada Goose online But another 44 percent express little or no faith they’ll have enough money when their careers end.Further underscoring the financial squeeze, 1 in 4 boomers still working say they’ll never retire. That’s about the same number as those who say they have no retirement savings.The survey suggests how politically risky that would be: 64 percent of boomers see Social Security as the keystone of their canada goose outlet

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retirement earnings, far outpacing pensions, investments and other income.How as the economy affected your retirement plans?Market ResearchThe survey also highlights the particular retirement challenge facing boomers, who are contemplating exiting the work force just as the worst economy in seven decades left them coping with high jobless rates, tattered home values and painfully low interest rates that stunt the growth of savings.”I have six kids,” said Gary Marshalek, 62, of South Abington Township, Pa., who services drilling equipment and says he has repeatedly refinanced his home and dipped into his pension to pay for his children’s college. His inability to afford retirement “sounds like America at the moment,” Marshalek said. Canada Goose online

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