I got at least 1 kill with each legend (for daily bonus)
I got at least 1 kill with each legend (for daily bonus)

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If there was an unpaid version that is the same as paid version in rewards, but demands this much grind, then it would make sense. Basically, double the time.I got at least 1 kill with each legend (for daily bonus), and I was rotating legends (I don main anyone) so I had bonus xp every game. I won once and got top 3 4 a bunch of times.

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If someone told me I could have had all of this from the start, I wouldn want to go back. Right now I have 45k saved and going up for WAR, only opening RNA weekly packs, with a full set of my favorite colors staples/meta. I must say that I miss some funbrewing because I can spend wildcards freely yet, but crashing about 60 packs at the start of WAR will give me a lead that I never had before, so we see.

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