It doesn make you “pretty tanky” to anything except little hits

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canada goose uk shop 1 point submitted 6 days agoIsn it disengenius to look at one aspect and ignore the rest of the equation like that? Couldn you look at the quality they put on the field to be congruent with the quality they put into their fan canada goose careers uk experience? (facilities,marketing,community outreach, etc)starts at the top, with ambitious owners, signing ambitious player operations personnel. Look at the night and day differences within the LA Galaxy setup It been (less than) one year, and you already have a mentality shift with academy players finally coming through that starts at the top with AEG hiring Dennis te Kloese, then DtK laying his foundation for success.don think you can sustain one without the other, at least long term. ATL, LA x2, NY, canada goose factory outlet etc will always be relatively consistent, because they have the owners willing to spend and keep them relevant, on and off the field.PeteyNice 7 points submitted 16 days agoPeople who post on T_D and other related subs find great joy and validation in getting a rise out of people (see: “owning the libs”). canada goose uk shop

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canada goose uk outlet Not just that, but some of his individual records have stood for canada goose outlet mississauga 10 years, which speaks to how much better than everyone else he was.You never see a tennisman win 23 gold medals canada goose outlet online store because he would have to win the tennis competition at 23 different olympic games, that 92 years btw.There are athletes that are incredibly dominant in their own sports. For example, this guy is on a 144 win streak. Comparing athletes from different sports based on gold medal won is very ignorant.but it must get annoying sometimes, no?As someone who used (thankfully) to travel a lot for work, it gets old really fast canada goose uk outlet.