It seems to me that a serving of key lime pie is much larger
It seems to me that a serving of key lime pie is much larger

cheap canada goose uk As an LGBTI person, I can see that it can be harmful to say, but I find that trial by social media is becoming far too common and the damage done to the person by it rarely fits the crime.I think this sheds some important new light on this incident. In this video, not only does the initial “slur” sound like someone shouting “Rag it!” (something that was mentioned by Flintor), you can clearly hear someone shout “RAG IT, RAG IT, RAG IT!” right afterward as Gourde approaches the puck behind the net.Those three repetitions, which anyone who isn biased will admit that they can hear, changes everything about this situation.The voice comes from a completely different direction, Rielly can even be heard on this feed (whereas these voices are still being picked up), and nobody is gonna be out there screaming the same slur four times.Edit: Mods removed this thread for a good 20 minutes before it was brought back, so it slid down on the “new” page and probably won get the exposure it deserves. It pretty damn unfair to Rielly that an unsubstantiated and accusatory thread claiming he absolutely said something has been allowed to remain on the front page of the sub all night even though it was completely unsubstantiated, and now that the evidence is piling up in his favor, the amount of people on this sub who blindly loathe the Leafs are not going to let it get the coverage it deserves.Rielly definitely yells “fucking hook! Fuck!” He may have said more after his second fuck, but it gets drowned out by other voices on the ice.Just after Rielly second “fuck” another voice, very clearly different than Reilly comes in and says “rag it”. cheap canada goose uk

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