Long-legged Buzzard (Buteo Rufinus)
Long-legged Buzzard (Buteo Rufinus)


@Velavadar, Gujarat

My Observations



Long-legged buzzard  is a bird of prey in the Buteo genus. It is similar in appearance to the Common Buzzard, but it is larger and more robust.


One of  the largest Buteo species. More eagle sized buzzard with long and broad wings. Can easily be confused with Common Buzzard,but is a lot larger. However, in flight cannot be identified and concluded immediately and will need a few reviews before IDing.

The individual I saw at Bikaner, Jan -16 was a big active bird. It appeared perched for a about 30 minutes and took off once we tried to get closer to it before alighting onto another tree at a safe distance.

In flight, appears rather pale, broad winged with  contrasting dark carpals & a broad subterminal band.


Rather sluggish and restless in nature.

Locations Seen

Velavadar and Bikaner are the only 2 places I have seen them.


In desert locations.

Notable Observation & Frequency of Sightings