“Making some people stay home when they don’t want to
“Making some people stay home when they don’t want to

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uk canada goose THE FACTS: He’s venting and not to be taken literally. Obama’s health care law remains in effect and people are using it. Separately another estimated 12 million were canada goose black friday offers made eligible for Medicaid through the law’s expansion of that program. This was a failure.”The shutdown also exposed fraught new divisions and weaknesses within Trump’s administration, with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross earning scorn for questioning earlier this week why some furloughed workers were going to food pantries, and FBI Director Christopher A. Wray decrying the shutdown’s effect on canada goose clearance his employees in an unusual video message directed to FBI staff.”Making some people stay home when they don’t want to, and making others show up without pay, it’s mind boggling, it’s shortsighted and it’s unfair,” Wray said. “It takes a lot to get me angry, but I’m about as angry as I’ve been in a long, long time.”. uk canada goose

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