More Same with my parents cat
More Same with my parents cat

canada goose black friday sale A fellow member of the panel and the Black Caucus, Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond (La.), said new federal laws might be necessary, too. “There are real families being destroyed; there are real people dying because of this,” he said. I realized it was my ex friend (who is now weirdly close with my flying monkey sibling, which is a whole other mess) because the profile followed certain groups that ex friend liked to mock and troll in a larger FB group dedicated to that activity. The saddest part was that the profile picture was of the two of us with ex friend child (a picture which was two years old, buried waaay down in the uploaded photos on ex friend locked down account, and was the first one of me that you come across if you spent the 5+ minutes scrolling through that album to get there) so I knew intuitively it was this person. The whole thing struck me as oddly personal and designed to fuck with me/screw me over somehow since I have a semi unusual name and since it would have been 1000x easier to make a fake account using made up information and a picture from Google.The real mystery is who made a fake professional networking account in my name saying my job was and that I work at and used it to view my profile. canada goose black friday sale

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