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Idea Groups and Policies: Probably the most interesting interaction is between Religious and Influence. They work well together, because the 20% AE (additive) from Influence combines with the 75% (multiplicative) from Religious to yield 40% AE. This allows you to take 67% more land.

This reduces your maximum amount of money to $2 trillion.They would probably arrest anyone who tries to exchange more than canada goose shop uk review $10 million in notes that canada goose shop austria have serial numbers that have already been exchanged, which would include you. Other nations would not want your dollars out of fear of them being duplicates. This would reduce your maximum money to a couple million.Now if you had a quadrillion dollars canada goose cleaning uk worth of stuff, that would be another matter.

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In the end, that going to leave someone unhappy because what they feel is important isn prioritized as highly as they think it should be. That just reality, and we can make everyone happy.As to why I don give specific answers about unannounced or requested features (like alternate modes); far too often it unwise to do so. Just mentioning this kind of stuff gets taken as a promise.

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