Pogue said, people wrestle with that, but did not explain
Pogue said, people wrestle with that, but did not explain

I wanted to use real examples from the subreddit. Seems you asking for all titles to be at least three lines long, with quotes and teasers from the story.I don totally disagree airoshock, but short titles can be good, too, especially if it is a text or video post. We only have to click the plus sign to expand the post and read it all (assuming the reader has Reddit Enhancement Suite or RES, which I recommend)..

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He was friendly and welcoming. The salesman told him Kelsy was of doing free trials. Pogue said, people wrestle with that, but did not explain further.. Interesting, but I’d strongly recommend that you don’t do that again. Hopefully it isn’t damaged. I have no clue how this could have fixed it.

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