Rufous-Bellied Hawk-Eagle (Lophotriorchis kienerii)
Rufous-Bellied Hawk-Eagle (Lophotriorchis kienerii)

My Observations


An elusive, highly attractive  forest eagle. One must be lucky to see this beautiful bird during a birding trip in some of the forests of S.India


Seen a pair gliding on wings slightly raised at Ponmudi Hills near Trivandrum ( KL) in Nov ’12. They appeared to be gliding over the hills scanning the ground for about 2 mins before disappearing.


Observed  One individual gliding high above the Kutta – wayanad border in Nov ’13. This was in addition to the pair spotted at Ponmudi Hills (Trivandrum)


Forests of S.India

Notable Observations

Lucky enough to see a pair at Ponmudi.

Frequency of Sightings

RareRBE _ Gliding Top view