Tawny Eagle (Aquila Rapax)
Tawny Eagle (Aquila Rapax)

Tawny Eagle_ BelgaumPerched _ muth

My Observations


A resident eagle seen throughout the year spread across different parts of India.Overall, it appears to be a little larger than a Black Kite. While perched appears a little taller  a lot more bulkier than a Black Kite. However the size varies from bird to bird where I have observed a few of them at Muthanallur lake ( Bangalore) & Hessarghatta Lake ( Bangalore) which appeared to be rather slim and  smaller overall.

While gliding it appears evidently larger than a Kite. Glides on flat wings and  seen in pairs of more on many occasions.


Seen in small numbers in general i.e 2-5 birds max at a time.Has been observed flying with other Aquila eagles, Vultures.

Perched eagles seen in Bangalore / Karnataka appear to be rather shy & do not really cooperate during close approach. But those in in N.India i.e Bikaner or LRK appear to be bolder.

Locations Seen

Typically seen perched or gliding in the outskirts of cities like Hessarghatta,(BLR),Hoskote Lake (BLR),Muthanallur Lake(BLR).Besides,I have seen them in forested areas like Ragihalli ( Bangalore), deserts ( Bikaner),where they were seen in good numbers.

In addition, in Jan 2013, managed to observe and note plenty of these birds all along the Bangalore-Pune highway.

Managed to spot Tawny Eagle in the city as well.In Oct 2013,managed to photograph a single individual from my house terrace at Malleshpalaya ( Indiranagar- BLR).This sub adult  was seen gliding for some time and gave enough opportunity to take a number of photos and conclude it was indeed a Sub Adult.

Also managed to spot another individual near Silk Board,  again flying high & chased by Kites.


In Karnataka, they have been spotted at Malleshpalaya,Thippasandra & Silk Board ( Cities),Hoskote Lake,Muthanallur Lake,Hessarghatta Lake & T.G Halli (Outskirts). Ragihalli(Forest). Also seen in good numbers en route to Galibore fishing camp / Cauvery WLS.

Other parts of Karnataka include Hubli, Dharwad & Belgaum in particular where it appears to be very common (Highways)

Other States include, Hosur (TN) & Kholapur ( MH). A good number of perched and high flying birds seen at Bikaner (RJ) in Jan ’16

Notable Observations


Frequency of Sighting 

A common Raptor and sighting this Aquila during a birding outing OR a Bird Race etc and spotting one should not be a huge challenge at anytime of the year