The host calls a truce at 10 minutes

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high quality hermes birkin replica Meanwhile, CBC News has uncovered new details about allegations of workplace sexual harassment at that facility, and the dangers women can face for reporting it: namely, implied or direct threats to their safety, their families and their lives.’As a result of some very serious allegations, several staff actions were implemented pending an investigation.’ Vronique Rioux, Correctional Service of Canada Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) commissioner Don Head flew to Edmonton’s federal prison in mid September to personally announce both a criminal investigation and a second administrative investigation.CBC News has learned that at least seven employees including some managers and acting managers were walked off the property and suspended without pay around the same time as Don Head’s announcement.Sources tell CBC News the suspensions are linked to allegations of sexual assault, assault, harassment and employee misconduct.For its part, CSC confirmed hermes belt 42mm replica by email that in September 2017 “as a result of some very serious allegations, several staff actions were implemented pending an investigation.” Spokesperson Vronique Rioux described them as allegations of “harassment, intimidation and inappropriate conduct made by staff at Edmonton Institution replica hermes mens shoes (EI).”In September, the Correctional Service of Canada set up a confidential tip line for prison employees to report misconduct. This image of the poster for the tip line was provided to CBC News by a confidential source.The Edmonton Police Service said it has opened an investigation into “criminal offences which allegedly occurred within the Edmonton Institution.” In an email, spokesperson Cheryl Sheppard went on to say that CSC itself reported these allegations to police earlier this year.No charges have been laid.CSC said it has
contracted outside firm Persidia Security Consulting to lead the second investigation. One current and one former CSC executive are on that team.In September, CSC also set up a confidential tip line for employees to report misconduct.CBC News uncovers new details Over the course of a year, CBC News interviewed a total of hermes belt replica vs real seven past or present EI employees who say they have direct knowledge of sexual harassment, threats and intimidation by male staff against female employees at the hermes replica clutch facility high quality hermes birkin replica.