This leads to anomalies like having your fingertip to
This leads to anomalies like having your fingertip to

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canada goose clearance sale I had a girlfriend when I was younger that was a lot like this. I loved her so freaking much, or so I thought. Ten years down the canada goose protest uk road, I know canada goose outlet chicago I made the right choice to keep away. Thank you for the reminder that it’s just not worth putting my sobriety at risk for one (maybe) fun night.newworkaccount 54 points submitted 1 day agoYour lungs are a vacuum. (When you feel as though you are breathing in, really you are opening muscles that block air from rushing into your lungs to fill that vacuum.)That is why so called “sucking chest wounds”, wounds where the chest cavity has been depressurized and/or lungs punctured, require you to reseal the wound opening to allow the person to breathe at all. Card in a pinch to seal the wound.)So it is possible to stab someone such that they can make a canada goose elrose parka uk sound by opening their chest cavity and lungs (can be done from behind with a long enough blade).Whether that was common knowledge at the time/how smoothly an excited/nervous person could do that in the midst of a sleeping boy scout troupe, I don know.But that possibility does clear a bit of the mystery as to why no sound was heard.Edit: minor factoid for those interested, this is why they measure your ability to expel air when they measure lung function. canada goose clearance sale

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