Turns out all those people were wrong
Turns out all those people were wrong

Surely there is going to be some big changes soon, as there is virtually no build diversity in the game ATM. I feel like that part of the game, but it so annoying. And I bet you ten bucks that when Massive does decide to do something about it, they make it so you can only keep one version of the talent you pulling from your gear.

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Activate walker two more times. 6 activations from a single walker with Aminatou and Oath. You won accumulate loyalty, but damn does that give great value. There a lot factors that make surfing by far the hardest board sport to progress at. Crowds that make it difficult to get waves, fickle conditions that leave only a small window for the waves to be good, and unlike snowboarding and canada goose outlet toronto location skating, you cant keep trying do a trick, you have to wait to get your wave in which you usually only have a few seconds to actually ride it. Granted I never surfed a wave with such a clean barrel as this, I believe it’s the Gold Coast she’s surfing in AUS.